Government Not Required to Prove Intent or Consciousness of Wrongdoing to Convict the Jensen Brothers

As the produce industry follows the fate of Eric and Ryan Jensen many articles and commentary have surfaced in support of the brothers Jensen.  However, these articles and commentary all focus around a significant misconception about the government’s burden  of proof.  Specifically, the gen…

Food Borne Illness Liability Forces Jensen Farms to File for Ch. 11 Bankruptcy Protection

On May 25, 2012, Jensen Farms, which is a general partnership, filed for Ch. 11 bankruptcy protection in Colorado.  With a list of the 20 largest creditors dominated by contingent, unliquidated and disputed estate claims, it is clear that wrongful death claims and other food safety related liabilities played a major role in the demise  of Jensen Farms.

The Produce News reported that Jensen Farms filed bankruptcy with $4.8 million in revenues in 2011, $2.1 million in current assets, $2.5 million in liabilities and an outstanding A/R from Frontera Produce in excess of $1.6 million.  The article went on to report that the bankruptcy should free up millions of dollars in insurance money to help fund settlements in numerous Listeria related wrongful death actions.  The Produce News – Jensen Farms Files for Bankruptcy Protection

This case will be closely watched as it is a glaring example of how important food safety issues are to the very sustainability and viability of a food company’s operations!