The Packer Quoted Jason Klinowski in its Adams Produce Settlement Announcement Article

On October 22, 2012, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Tamara Mitchell cleared the way for 48 produce companies to be paid in excess of $8 million dollars in the Adams Produce case.

Quoting Jason Klinowski, The Packer announced the settlement and commented on how the attorneys involved in this case “were very smart about where to draw the line about what to fight over and when to agree.”

See The Packer: Adams Produce to pay $8 million in PACA claims

On a more personal note, counsel for the Debtor (Chris Carson) worked very hard to make sure the PACA claims were handled properly and his efforts were key to the speed at which this large case was settled.  Quoting Larry Meuers, The Packer noted that the Adams Produce “case could have died several times, been converted to a Chapter 7 liquidation or drug out for more than a year.”  The attorneys involved in this case made sure none of that happened because there was no reason for it occur.

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