Proofs of Claim Due in the Adams Produce Bankruptcy

Although the Court is set to establish a PACA Claims Procedure on July 9, 2012, the deadline to file all proofs of claim (PACA and non-PACA alike)  is July 6, 2012.  Importantly, any party that fails to file their proof of claim by July 6, 2012 will not be able to file their PACA proof of claim after the Court enters an approved order as the July 6, 2012 date is a statutory date.  Please do not be confused.

ALL creditors must file a proof of claim on or before July 6, 2012. 

In addition to meeting the July 6, 2012 deadline, the PACA creditors will be required to file a special PACA Proof of Claim as outlined in Judge Mitchell’s  forthcoming order.  Simply put, the PACA creditors need to be prepared to file two separate proofs of claim.  Any PACA creditor who fails to file any one of the two proofs of claim runs the risk of having the Court deny its claim.  Those familiar with this case can tell you that these dates are going to come fast.  Please do not wait to assert your rights.

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