Words produce buyers should NOT rely upon…

Use of words such as work out the loador sell the product and we will settle at a later date” by the seller are NOT sufficiently specific to constitute an authorization that the buyer handle the produce on consignment.  Granada Marketing, Inc. v. Jos. Notarianni & Co., Inc., 47 Agric. Dec. 329 (1988); Royal Packing Co. v. William D. Class, Jr. d/b/a W.D. Class & Son, 42 Agric. Dec. 2077 (1983); B&L Produce of Arizona v. Mim’s Produce, 37 Agric. Dec. 201 (1978).

Similarly, “do the best you candoes NOT constitute permission to handle on consignment.  Relan Produce Farms v. Rushton & Co., 38 Agric. Dec. 1636 (1979); B & L Produce, Inc. v. Harry Becker Produce Co., 36 Agric. Dec. 913 (1977); Barkley Company of Arizona v. Ifsco, Inc., 31 Agric. Dec. 279 (1972).

Nor does:

the buyer should work it out.See Frank Gaglione & Sons v. Theron Hooker Co., 30 Agric. Dec. 528 (1971).

or handle best possibleor handle to best advantage.See Ralph Samsel v. L. Gillarde Sons Co., 19 Agric. Dec. 374 (1960).

or handleor open.”   See Ronnie Carmack v. Delbert E. Selvidge, 51 Agric. Dec. 892 (1992).

or respondent “should keep the shipment, [and] do with it what respondent could. . ..”  See Chiquita Brands, Inc. v. Joseph Williams, Jr. Co. Inc., 45 Agric. Dec. 374 (1986).

Still further, the phrase “customer will keep + Work Outdid NOT signify an agreement that the load could be handled on a consignment basis.   See The Lionheart Group, Inc. v. Sy Katz Produce, Inc., 59 Agric. Dec. 449 (2000).

Buyer’s Obligation to Modify Agreement or Reject Produce

When a buyer is seeking permission from the seller to sell a troubled load of produce on a price after sale (“PAS”) basis the buyer must take steps to ensure that the parties’ fixed price agreement (e.g. the invoice) is modified.

To convert a fixed price term agreement to PAS terms, the buyer must obtain clear, definite and unequivocal authorization from the seller.  Absent such authority, the Seller may successfully enforce the terms of its fixed price invoice and they buyer may have lost the opportunity to properly reject the produce or otherwise protect itself.

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